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Marie Anne Jakob

The Hamburg living artist concerns herself with traditional modes of perception in our society. Her work is about searching for a new kind of spatiality, i.e. a new perception of space, time and position. 

Human figures, animals, symbols and additional text move about in her work in an undefined space, defying orientation. They evade common and accepted categorization and undermine social and art-historical terms, thus creating room for new ways of thinking. 

For Marie Anne Jakob technique, mode of rendition and presentation always follow the subject at hand. Her primary modes of expression are painting and drawing, while often using those as elements of installations as well. 


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The installation may come of as harmless at first but carries in it a mild critique of civilisation. These scenes seem to present a world in which all is well, but the world is not quite like that - it is different than the simple order of the shapes may suggest. The motion detector is part of a premeditated process that usually finds application in monitored and protected environments.

Gmünd Österreich

Kunsthalle Hamburg

Kunsthaus Hamburg

Westwerk Hamburg

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Meadow of Childhood

The appearance of nature changes constantly: Animals, plants and microbes are wheels within wheels, the gears of a vast, complicated but nonetheless beautiful ecological engine of planetary size. Variety and variability of living organisms signify the stability and healthiness of any eco-system. If the reciprocity and flow of change within in this system is being disturbed, even destroyed, only very few animal- and plant life forms may survive and keep evolving.

Mounted eye level on the wall are four hanging cabinets, each carrying 6 tableaus showing different species of plants (55x40 cm, oil on canvas), arranged according to the colour of their blossoms: blue, red, white and yellow. The cabinets are divided into 6 compartments, each 6 centimetres in width. Every compartment contains one tableau which the beholder may slide out in order to look at them.

White Plant            Blue Plant            Red Plant            Yellow Plant

Serie 1

Art Rental

We rent artwork to large and small clients to improve spaces in offices, businesses and homes. Art sets a positive statement and improves the atmosphere in any professional space. It reflects your values and philosophy and impresses your clients. It boosts your image, and motivates your staff. 

Art rental is a fast growing trend, not least because of its economical advantages: it provides the flexibility to display and change art without significant up-front costs, and monthly payments are affordable and tax-efficient. Most importantly, it makes dull and empty walls a thing of the past!

Office Hamburg

Office Berlin

Office Munich

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Responsible: Marie Anne Jakob; Hamburg

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